Welcome to Boxholm

Come on into the district of Sommen. Boxholm is the welcoming entrance to the holiday paradise surrounding Lake Sommen. Within Boxholm you will find shops, hotels, restaurants, a swimming pool, cinema, library, golf course plus other small delights to appreciate whilst on holiday or for every day. Pay a visit to “Sommen´s Riviera" Malexander. There are holiday homes for hire, tourist attractions, camp sites, boat hire and lots more besides. Take a trip on Lake Sommen either in your own boat or on the lovely old steamboat Boxholm II. The Lake has more than three hundred little islands and is an “Eldorado" for leisure craft. The coastline consists of steep rocks together with long beaches. A true Panorama!

Boxholm Municipality is full of tourist attractions plus various activities within the lovely district of Sommen. There is so much to see and discover here. Enjoy the forests, the lake and the countryside. Why not sample some Boxholm cheese or visit the Industrial Museum and learn a little about our interesting history as an industrial society.

If you would like to stay a little longer, or even settle down here for good, we can promise opportunities for both active leisure and good, affordable accommodation. Boxholm also has a good communication network with the surrounding towns (30 minutes by train to Linköping). Those who have visited Boxholm consider it only natural to keep returning, unless of course, they choose to stay for good.

Please take a look at our Film (Swedish language) or visit our tourism information on the site visitostergotland.se

For more information, please contact:

Tourist Office

+46-142-519 01
Email: turistinfo@boxholm.se